About ExtensionMD

Subject matter experts in the eating disorder and psychotherapy fields have teamed up with experts in technology and compliance to focus on modern techniques in remote medicine to deliver innovation in remote therapeutics.


As experts in the fields of nutrition, technology, subscription businesses and compliance, our team knows how to design, build and manage remote therapeutic devices for eating disorders and weight management,


By leveraging modern software, hardware and new concepts in IoT, we've developed the first and only remote therapeutic service that combines an in-home device with software and the cloud to help clinicians and their clients manage health accurately and properly.


As a HIPAA compliant medical grade data service, our model ensures patient confidentiality while promoting progressive remote healthcare practices so that both the clinician and the client can rest assured that their data is safe and secure.

Our Story

Ealy in 2020, our founder, Marisa Sherry MS, RD, CEDRD had a vision for a new way to treat eating disorder weight management by leveraging remote therapeutics, advanced technology and tried and tested behavioral practice in the fields of nutrition and therapy.

She set out to create a Internet based service that could offer her patients and other clinicians in the field a rapid way to ensure blind weigh-ins for eating disorder therapy.

She brought together a team of highly skilled and talented technologists in the fields of IoT, SaaS subscription-based business and compliance and began the process to build the only and best remote therapeutic service for eating disorders. 

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Whether you are a clinician or a client, talk to us about getting involved in our pilot program and begin performing check-ins remotely to help with your eating disorder program management.