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Release Yourself from Control of the Scale

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Remove the numbers and focus on recovery.

You walk into a bathroom and what is one of the first things you see? A scale. What does it make you think, feel? For some their thought would be “I need to go on a diet” or others nothing at all. For most people they would use the bathroom, ignore the scale and go on with their day.  But if you an eating disorder, you must release control of the scale in your way of thinking and acting.

For those with eating disorders walking into that room can be a constant trigger or anxiety of what that scale will say. That person might feel successful in her goals and recovery and then see a number. She would not be able to ask herself “what outside forces may effect a scale reading.” It would impact the rest of her day, possibly the week and could divert her focus from recovery. The next food decision would likely not be recovery focused if she wasn’t “happy” with the number.

Eating disorders can leave you feeling out of control with your body, food and weight. This can lead to the desire to weigh yourself multiple times in a day as something you can control. The choice whether to use your eating disorder, to eat or not to eat, to harm yourself is all dependent on a number. Why give so much power to a number? What does a number even mean? Why let it define you versus you defining yourself?  Release yourself from control of the scale by removing the number.

We live in a world that is number and body focused. Taking away the number on the scale allows you to focus on what goals you have set for recovery. What your body achieved that day or week. It allows you to take control of your life.

A person with an eating disorder depends on their treatment team to help keep them on their path to recovery. Throwing away the scale to work on recovery may not be an option but having a scale without a number can help release the dependence on what that number may be. ExtensionMD takes that number, that trigger away from you allowing you to focus on your recovery and goals.

Release yourself from control of the scale by exploring our numberless scale and succeed on your path to recovery.